Nearing Completion

Sunshine Building 1

Sunshine Building 1

The Sunshine Portland Apartments will start to become available this September.  Our first of 4 buildings will complete mid September followed by Building 2 in October and Building 3 in November and Building 4 in December.  WE are very excited to offer high quality Apartments at a very competitive price.  The fourth floor amenity decks have views of the city and views of the kids while they play in the playing fields.  Tours of the project will start in August 

Construction Updates


Sunshine Portland Apartments 

We are pleased to be bringing this Energy Efficient Building Design to the South East Neighborhood.  We believe creating community starts with the spaces we live in.  These New apartments will offer access to light and air, quality finishes and open spaces for play and relaxation.  The building amenity spaces will have views and opportunities to get to know your neighbors.  


Please bare with us while we make noise and establish the foundations for the three new buildings.  


In our process right now we are bringing utilities to the site, placing the in ground plumbing and pouring the concrete elevator foundations and perimeter foundations.  The project will move from East to West and each phase of the building process will follow in this pattern.  You can see now the foundations are in place on the east building (1). Foundations and plumbing are  underway on Building (2center).  We will be bringing in engineered fill to the western site for Building (3) soon to  level the site.